3-31-11 by dave

I have been having trouble with the input signal, so I am just winging it here. The messages I have received indicate a nice day, with strong South winds and rising temps. The High North was benefiting from the wind, smoothing the dance floor, and keeping the product soft. After Noon the temps. began to morph the lower elevations, creating a thicker consistency, which may prove to be a tad on the crusty side for the first of the AM. session. Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to provide the high octane shred fest, though the High North will still be holding the smooth. Reports were also indicating some good conditions on the far reaches of the Cirque Traverse, so do a lap and get an eye on the possibilities before a full commitment. Mineral Basin should also be worth an early look before much traffic gets to it. I am still being buffeted by the Home Planetary disturbances, but I am making headway in my attempts to return ASAP. I will be posting again tomorrow, though Saturday looks dubious at best. Until later, Peace out!!!

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