3-28-11 by dave

I got up the Canyon a bit early this morning, in an attempt to beat the front that was moving in from the West.  Walk on Trams were going off with very little traffic, as the hill offered some stellar frosting that had been smoothed by the wind, and felt yet like another kind of perfect.  At 10:00AM a Wall Of Voodoo moved up the Canyon reducing visibility to nearly zero, with high volume precipitation in association with a dense frontal cloud kicking in with a vengeance.  I ventured out to Old Ladies to sample the wind filled gut, only to get totally lost in the milk bottle.  The consistency was excellent, so I trusted the inner vision and began my traverse over to Gate 10, but once again I got lost thinking I was where I was not.  It was a trip trying to maintain balance with such minimal references, and I must admit to have got a bit of vertigo going.  Fortunately, I was able to get myself safely to the Forklift Chair where the visibility was 20 20 and a calm ambiance settled me down.  It is hard to describe just how hard the snow was falling, but suffice to say that all reports coming off the hill did not indicate any improvement in the visibility.  The Essence was getting deeper with every passing minute, filling in the tracks as fast as the tracks were made.  Tomorrow, look for a real treat for the faithful, who are sure to be in full attendance, so plan on using the chairs as a sure way to maximize the up hill access.  I did that the other day with great results, while the faithful were stuck in the Tram line.   I have been called back to the home planet for the next few days, so I will try and get the posts out through the HYPER SPACE CHANNEL as best I can.  There  may well be some gaps in the TRANSMISSIONS, so please understand the vagueness.  I will return ASAP.   IBBY!!!   Here is a shot of the WALL OF VOODOO that was moving up the Canyon this morning; big, black, and packing a punch!


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  1. M.J. says:

    D.P. Thanks again! Physically… another day of work, mentally a day on the hill with friend. Your trailer repair man.

  2. Joe Snow says:

    The Guru missed out the viz got better about 1:30 or 2. The wind, however, didn’t get any better, unless you weren’t on hidden peak.

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