2-25-10 by dave

The snow on the trailer this Thursday morning had thick written all over it indicating substantial density up high.  This is the snow we need to cover the scratchy sections and some of those rocky chokes.  I dropped into the Upper Cirque for the first time in quite a while to find it smooth and consistent under the entire area.  There was some low level chop still hiding here and there, but certainly nothing to hold back the full charge.  The West facing did not get quite the depth some other aspects collected, but did provide some excellent results if you took the time to travel the traverse. Visibility remained problematic after the Sun  made a few attempts at breaking through creating beautiful islands of sunshine to illuminate an otherwise foggy situation.  The density also created a sumptuous feeling, though it built into harbor chop rather rapidly.  I dialed back the speed knob to let the skis slice through the chop instead of busting  through at high speed.  Tomorrow looks to sport some Sun and fresh lines with the  unopened areas waiting in the wings for those who show up.  The faithful were certainly in full attendance for this offering due to the depth report, and who can blame them.  We have been starved this season and any addition to the pack will be welcome.    A lot of great lines remain every where, so you can chose any line and be rewarded.  Any thing more will be icing on the cake, so see you in the AM. IBBY!!!!

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