2-26-10 by dave

Left overs are still great the next day when it is served up cold and dry with all the flavors working together.  Little Cloud opened shortly after the first Tram crowd had left the peak.  It was a secret for about one minute when the faithful got wind of the goods and took no more than 15 short minutes to trash it totally.  I happened to be one of the fortunate ones to get the drop, but I was not able to get back up the chair before it was toast.  I was very glad to be there for that.  The wind had distributed  beautiful lines of fresh out in Mineral Basin drawing a large crowd out to that area of the hill taking some of the pressure off the Tram line.  The front side chairs were walk on clear making the Tram wait unappealing, so I opted to take advantage of the empty chairs and get the most out of the day.   I will be off  tomorrow after a big week , so look for the usual excellent buffage which has been getting more aggressive as the base increases.   Lower Primrose was especially sweet for the first 2 hours after which the chop rose up with the soft snow not holding up to the heavy traffic.  By 100 PM.  all of the groomers were getting tough to negotiate with the ratchet bumps keeping me dialing in the low and slow turns.  The cold morning temps. kept the product soft and cold with the Sun only warming up the day later in the afternoon.  Look for some of the most exposed aspects to have taken a hit by the direct Sun, rendering them less than stellar for the AM. session.  More weather going South will leave us out of the loop again this time with clouds and dubious visibility for the morning session.  Perhaps the wind will  work some magic overnight, so be on the look out for that bit of delight.  See you Sunday!! IBBY!!!

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  1. Rick Stalker says:


    Great site, Jackson and I look forward to seeing you next week while staying with dude! Tahoe has been great this year as well, but in lousy shape! Hope you take it easy on us. Rick

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