2-24-10 by dave

Wednesday morning began with a subtle MM of fresh on top of the fresh groom job, making the untracked buffage absolutely STUDIO.  Both sides of the  hill were in fine form with visibility an issue from the word Go.  The snow fall increased and began building up as impulses moved through.  I was aiming for the piles and drawing long turns out to average he variability as the low traffic piled it up.  I found the Peruvian side to be favored with the accumulation making the hill better as the day progressed.  Lower Primrose path was buffed out again sealing that lower section as the place to be for the Big Mountain experience.   A bold new approach to the lower section made this grooming pattern reminiscent of the pre Pro Down Hill  preparation some years ago.  It was great then and it is great now. The off trail continues to be a tad choppy with the  high North sections beginning to smooth out with the low traffic.  Mineral Basin was socked in today and I did not venture there, but the smooth sections were still in good shape no doubt.  It is raining in the valley as I write promising freshness for the AM.  How much?  Only showing up will answer that question.  I plan to be there for the first Boat.   How about you?   Peace Out!!!

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