2-23-10 by dave

Crystal clear skies greeted us Tuesday morning with really special snow quality on all the groomers and soft snow covering the off trail that still sports the low amplitude chop.  The new soft snow has really made that issue inconsequential letting you find good lines just about every where.  The very heavily traveled shots are getting a bump build up that requires your full attention.  I, for one, circumvent those areas until they get filled in by the wind and new snow.  That new snow is in the immediate forecast, so no worries.  I did go out to the far West facing today to check out things first hand out there.  I found the snow to be soft and sugary, though the high traffic there has built the bumps up there as well.  I dialed the focus in to deal with the mandatory fall line sections, feeling tested to keep the turns going no matter what.  Mineral Basin was my choice on first Tram to take advantage of the Sun and perfect buff job that is a given out in Powder Paradise.  I did jump off and get White Diamond again to sample the steep and fairly smooth section that still holds up after 3 days.  Yikes!!!  Very light traffic kept the Tram in walk on mode all day offering mega vertical for those so inclined.  Top to bottom smokers were happening all day long, making me think that I should have pulled out the Wings and got super sonic, but…. No.   Tomorrow look for increasing clouds and snow beginning at some point.  Visibility may be an issue tomorrow as well, but the trees will help that eventuality.  Keep your visualizations going for max dumpage and watch the magic unfold.  Yea, That’s the ticket!!!  IBBY!!!

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