3-03-15 by dave

While the  large turnout of faithful waited expectantly in the queue for the start of the festivities, a Wall Of Voodoo moved up the Canyon and commenced to do some serious hard dumping.  I have rarely seen it snow so hard, with a multiple inch per hour rate.  Here is a shot of skis covered with the fresh Essence just 5 minutes after the dump began.  With an overnight accumulation already waiting up on the hill, this medium density installment was going to be just what the doctor ordered.DSC02638  There was much excitement in line as the expectations were ignited by the new product hitting the hill. Here is a shot of the Roper Twins who were stoked to see that wall of Voodoo moving in.  After I took this shot, DSC02636and the snow moved in, it looked more like this shot I took from the comfort of the Forklift Chair after the morning got started.  You could not even see the Peruvian Chair from the deck.  Now that is dumping!!! DSC02639As the hill opened up, the folks were quick to work the product wall to wall, but the quality kept the consistency good for most of the day.  It was not until after 1:00PM that the Harbor Chop began to build.  I dialed back the speed and went for a round and deliberate approach to the variability.  This higher density product went a long way toward covering the old crusty layer, but there are echos of it here and there, especially on the steep traverses, so be aware.  The traverses have improved a lot, but a low and slow line will keep you out of the static.  All the lines on the hill are shaping up in a big way.  Tomorrow, look for more residual overnight accumulation out of this impulse, with more areas still waiting in the wings to open up with freshness that has been mounting up.  Those should be epic drops indeed.  Check for Canyon advisories before leaving as there is a closure at 5:30 AM.  See you for the ultra deep.  Ciao!!

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