3-02-15 by dave

Today was a classic storm day powder extravaganza.  Granted, the visibility was variable, but even out in Mineral Basin you could see enough to really have fun with the options.  Snow fell through out the morning, building up rapidly.  The Morning Crew spent the morning exploring Lewis and Clark lines that got deeper with each run.  Higher density Essence began to cushion the old layer, which became less of a concern as the new snow got deeper.  I was even getting full on face shots after the breakfast break.   Here is a shot of Mr. Scott and  Carving Pete, who were assisting me in sampling the goods with absolutely no pressure.  It was like a private resort all day long.  DSC02635I went to visit the West facing aspects to check out the feel after avoiding it for the past while. While it was much improved, the bottom is still in play, but the consistency is improving rapidly, and each run was fun and blastable.   I continue to encounter these very interesting examples of ski wear, and here is a shot of Camo Man in full regalia making a very bold fashion statement.  It looked like a very functional outfit for such a weather intensive day.    DSC02634Tomorrow, look for overnight accumulation to add to the pack,  much improved conditions wall to wall as the new Essence fills the dance floor, and storm conditions throughout the day.  You can expect some reflection of the interference pattens to persist for a bit yet, so go for the smooth for the best ride.  I hit White Diamonds a number of times this morning just to get as much of that delight as I could.   To illustrate the quality that is happening now, I offer this shot of my friend Mike getting the goods out on the border lines.  This is an accurate example of how good it is getting.  Blower and getting deeper.  This was taken yesterday during that Sun window, and it is getting deeper.  -102  Check the Canyon report in the AM. for restrictions  and bring the Rhino Chasers for full on power blasting.  See you there to see how deep it will be.  Stay Frosty!!

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  1. Daren says:

    Hi Dave,

    Really enjoying your reports! You have a great poetic style. I’m visiting for the first time next Monday and trying to get a handle on the best spots. Where are the White Diamonds you refer to? Any thoughts on where the best lines will be when I’m out there if there is no more snow after this storm is done?

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