12-07-17 by dave

The snow guns were blazing this morning, taking advantage of the continued cold temps that have been resident for the past week. The Cat Crew did another great job of preparing the dance floor for smooth cruising, and with the added sections of Gun Powder the turns felt fast and fun. Light turnout made for wide open turning and you could dial in the long throws of silk below the guns that called for a more deliberate approach to extract as much of the elegant feel that was blasted over the run. It took a while for the Sun to rise up over the ridge line, and the rays felt delightful coming out of the shade. Here is a shot of one of the big fans pumping out the goods on Regulator Narrows as they get ready to open up the upper section in the next few days. The patrol and mountain crew is working hard to get the runs set up for the public. I got no firm timeline, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Tomorrow, look for more great training runs from top to bottom. Look for those sweet deposits of Gun Powder to add some goodness to the run and dig deep into the silken surface. I will be dressing for cold again in the AM, and I was glad I dressed up for the morning. After all those years of fighting the Dark Matter Wars, my body is not accustomed to the cold. See you there for the fast and fun morning session. Stay Frosty!!

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