12-06-17 by dave

The morning was quite cool again, which made for some excellent man made conditions on the hill. Very low traffic for the early hours kept the hill wide open and the Groomed lines were sweet, and covered with some amazing deposits of Gun Powder. On some sections I was taken back to a few back country tours where a very similar condition existed. Perfect is perfect where you find it, and I just had to dial it back and dial in some deep turns to extract the goodness out of each brush with the Freshness. Here is a great shot of the Morning Crew who were getting the most out of the fresh corduroy. I have known all these folks for 40 years now and we have as much fun as we did when we all started our ski journey. I dressed for the cold and I was glad that I did, however, as the Sun came up the temps. moderated quite a bit and you could have gone with much lighter gear. Lots of folks were showing up later to get the Sun and avoid that early morning flat light. The flat light did not matter much as the dance floor was perfectly smooth and predictable. If you weren’t looking around you could have been on 100” of mid Winter goodness. The Snow Making Crew and Cat Crew have done a great job of putting together a treat for these training days. Tomorrow, look for another great day of training runs, with more smooth corduroy and fresh Gun Powder to start out the day. Be sure to dial in as much out of those long threads of silk when you get under the guns. There will be no strangeness in the consistency, so you can dial it in and get the goods. See you there for those early laps. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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