12-05-17 by dave

Temps. were quite chilly this morning and the Sun took a while get up over the peaks as the days get shorter. I dressed for the occasion, and was comfortable. The Cat Crew did a great job reworking the mat, combining the Fresh Essence with the continuous Man Made efforts. While the soft snow feel of yesterday was absent, delightful corduroy of mid Winter quality was on tap. With the low turn out, the hill was very wide open and real turns could be dialed in with unmitigated audacity. Still, it was wise to keep the roll constrained to the prevailing conditions, but it was fun to let out a bit more fetch to each turn. A real treat of the early laps was the accumulation of Gun Powder below the guns, which was silky smooth and a few inches deep. Each turn in these pockets felt delightful, with a solid yet soft traction that felt like perfect wind buffed. The cold temps. really facilitated excellent man made efforts. The mat held up very well to the light traffic, and no appreciable static developed over the morning. Walk on chairs were in full effect, letting you get as much as you could desire. Tomorrow, look for more excellent industrial smoothing to have been prepared for the Faithful. I expect a similar mid Winter feel to the carpet, making for well defined and accurate turns top to bottom. Dress for another brisk morning and enjoy the fresh carpet. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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