12-08-17 by dave

Though it was a bit warmer this morning, I dressed for the cold and was glad I did. The air was still and lacking that stout North wind that made yesterday so much colder, but there was still a full Winter feel to the morning air. The corduroy was excellent, however the snow making efforts were trained off the main run, so there was no Gun Powder. Still, the traction was excellent and layin’ it down like Ligety was good to go. With the Lunch Run now open, an added section of smooth was a treat. Here is a shot of the fresh lines that are covering Boundary Bowl to give a first look at what is to come. Traffic was very light all morning long and it was fun to stretch out and let ’em run a bit more with the run wide open. Since I have been spending so much time at Zoom, I took this shot of Creekside, which has been updated and expanded. There is a lot of great additions to the facility and it is fun to see it coming of age. Tomorrow, look for more great sliding on the hill with fresh corduroy to dial in your arcs. I think the snow making will be happening, but we’ll have to see how much Gun Powder is deposited. Keep an eye out for the long smooth lines. The Bird is projecting a Sunday opening of The Tram and Regulator Johnson for top to bottom sliding. They have been working hard on getting the top of the mountain ready for the opening. It will be great to get the full 3K vert. to help with the early season training runs. I am taking the day off tomorrow, to get the details taken care of, so I’ll see you Sunday. I will post tomorrow, with reports from the Faithful who keep me up to date when I am off the hill. “…. explode into space!!”

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