4-25-14 by dave

It was quite warm on the peak this morning, but the front of the hill needed some time to break.  Mineral Basin was prime and ready with some very nice Grooming to greet the morning crew, who rapidly lapped the corn goodness.  It reminded me of the times of back country tours for this quality.   The front of the hill started to break around 11:00AM, when that sorbet feel came alive underfoot.  Light traffic on the Tram made the back to back pace easy to make, and it also allowed variations on a theme on both sides of the hill.  Regulator broke around Noon, offering that steep section drive line that begged for deep carving turns.  The cover is still holding up nicely and no real melt off problems exist at all.  Tomorrow, look for the approaching weather system to be an all day feature that promises to extend into Sunday, so dress for storm riding and cold temps as it looks like another cold one.  Remember, it was 10 Degrees on the peak last Wednesday.   Depending on the overnight accumulation, you will have to discern the best lines to take.  The Groomers will offer the know constant of consistent smooth.  Off trail will present some other issues, but if there is enough cushion to the ride, it will allow a much broader  choice menu.  Here is a shot of an old Lodge Pole Pine that is now returning to the big cycle as well as is the snow pack.  Just a metaphor for this late Spring extravaganza.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  See you on Sunday.  Peace Out!!DSC01995

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