4-24-14 by dave

The Cat Crew was hard at work to prepare today’s stellar grooming offering.  The high contrast variations of yesterday had been worked into the mat, with the cold dry feel of the new installment making the lines feel almost Mid Winteresque.   The warmer temps made that ice lens morph into a light glaze that crumbled easily beneath the edge.  Mineral Basin was very nice  for the first run, but I was anxious to try the Peruvian lines to take advantage of the awesome Groomed lines there.  Those lines were perfect and let you dial in a full contact turn that was as consistent as anything we had just a few weeks ago when perfection reined after that last cycle.  What a difference a day makes and a huge shout out to the Cat Crew for making today such a special day of ground pounding fun.  It was not until 2:00PM that the lower mountain began to get too sticky for me, but the corn sorbet was calling me to keep lapping.   Here is a shot of the high contrast of the rain stained surface covered by the new bright white installment.  Tomorrow, look for another great morning on the Groomers with the off trail breaking later in the morning.  The off trail is quite smooth with the interference patterns well melted down into insignificance.  Despite the melt off, the  hill is still well covered with no areas to avoid, with the exception of the edges near the rock bands and trees.   See you there for the morning fun.  Peace Out!!DSC02062

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