4-26-14 by dave

It has been very rainy here at the Trailer, with thunderous downpours from time to time, which translates to Essence on the hill.  The Bird Site has been reporting 10” with the recent accumulation of medium density product.  That is a win win for everyone, as this depth will be enough to cushion the frozen layer.  Rain continues as I write this, so we can expect some additional accumulation for the morning session.  The forecast is for continued flurries through tomorrow morning and this is what I have been waiting for, though never really expected.  Tomorrow, look for the smooth lines that you know are good to go, especially the Groomers, but the mountain is fairly smooth as the interference patterns have melted away. The temps should remain cool, so the quality should hold up for quite a while and not deteriorate with a sunny morning.  The hill is in great shape and the Peruvian Chair seems to be operating for the weekend traffic, so that is a great option if the Tram backs up.  Here is a shot of the surface of the planet Xenon which I took while in high orbit during last Summer’s hyperspace sojourn.  It is a lot further out than a Lewis and Clark!!  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!DSC01920

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