1-14-13 by dave

Once again the morning was blistering cold, however, the Sun was shining and the air was still once again, making it seem a touch warmer than it really was.  They were shooting a movie on the peak and this shot of the helicopter,  just before touch down, was interesting with the blade wash creating this image.   I am so glad I was not standing around in that cold, rather it was a full on rock and roll morning as there was very light traffic, perfect groomers, and wide open for full throttle shredding.  I would have taken my Wings out if it had not been so cold, but perhaps tomorrow, when the temps are predicted to be a touch warmer.  The off trail is a bit bouncy as the traffic has whipped up the harbor chop, so look for the old smooth lines that are a bit off the beaten lines.  I tried one

Touch Down

Touch Down

of my faithful smooth areas only to find it had been found by the faithful, so I had to look further afield for some smooth.  Coverage is good, but some of the traverses are getting scrapped off a bit in the choke points, so expect some surprises as you move along.  Tomorrow, look for another super cold morning, excellent groomers to rip on, light traffic to enjoy, and fun wall to wall.  The early morning session is so cold, coming after 11:00 AM will pay off with a bit warmer temps., but those early morning rippers are worth the effort and cold exposure.   See you there for the first runs if you dare!!!

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