1-15-13 by dave

There was an overnight impulse that covered the hill with an inch of Essence that put the frosting on the morning session.  The temps. were much more realistic, though it was still quite brisk and you still needed to watch for the frost bite.  The clouds began to break up around 10:00 AM, letting the Sun shine through improving the visibility.  Mineral Basin cleared off first,  offering some very nice cruising on the Groomers.  I ventured off trail, sampling the big long steep section, thinking that the North wind had filled it in sufficiently, but it still was sporting that rumble, though it was a fun recon run.  The Groomers were off the charts perfect and it was so fun to uncork it and fly like the wind.  There were cold clouds hanging around all day, so there were light fluffy flakes falling all day

Rare Light

Rare Light

with the Sun shining through them.   Here is a shot of the Sun refracting the light over Little Cloud.  I love when you get those rare light effects.  Tomorrow should be warmer yet, and the Groomers will be going off again top to bottom.  Check and see if the overnight wind smoothed any of the big lines in Mineral Basin as the wind was still blowing stoutly out of the North, so those East and South faces might be smoothed out.  The early runs will be worth getting and early start, as there are few folks out now that all the air has been knocked out of the freshness.   The cold temps are keeping the quality good all day on all aspects.  See you there for the early rock and roll session.   Ciao!!

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