1-16-13 by dave

The Valley was covered by an inversion cloud deck, leaving the high country Sunny and bright.  The wind was howling this morning, and as anticipated the wind did some serious industrial smoothing to some of the big lines in Mineral Basin.  There were many variations to choose from back there and those shots were as good as it gets.  It gets deeper, but it does not get better, and the best part is it stayed good all day long.  While the wind giveth, it also taketh away, which meant that some of the sections were seriously scoured, even to the point of sever scalloping of the surface, so it payed to stay focused on the lines that were packing the smooth.  I went on a couple of recon runs and found a wide variety of soft, hard, bumpy and all manner of interesting consistency, but the runs were fun to see what was out and about.   Once again the Groomers were off the chart buffed by both machine and wind, making them well worth the attention perfection deserves.  It was markedly warmer today, though the high wind made it seem much colder, but the temps kept the pack nicely



refrigerated.  Tomorrow, look for some of the wind buffed sections to be worked over again, and will be going off for the morning crew.   With the inversion building in it will be getting warmer up high as the the high builds in.  The low traffic makes the back to back program easy to rack up a mighty sum of vertical every day  Here is a shot of the Valley covered by the inversion layer, making it look like Lake Bonneville might have looked 10,000 years ago.  IBBY!!!

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