1-13-13 by dave

The peak was posting -13 Degrees this morning as the first Tram hit the dock.  It was still and Sunny, but the cold just penetrated the extremities quickly.  Mineral Basin was bathed in Sun, and the still air made it inviting.   The cold snow was very fast, though it was a bit sticky on the cat tracks, and the Groomers were stellar quality, with carvelicious consistency even on Regulator, which has made a great come back after last week’s wind blast.   I took a full Lewis and Clark loop out in Mineral Basin,



even though the temps were so cold, and I found the still air and Sunshine made the temps tolerable.  Here is a shot of Timp. in the distance with the cold air clouds holding on to some of the peaks.  I must admit I did not last long on the hill and made a hasty retreat to the Forklift Chair where the fire was burning and the hot coffee was warming the fingers.  The off trail was set up a bit, especially on the front of the hill, but the overall quality was very nice.  Tomorrow, look for continued excellence on the Groomers, with the off trail offering variable consistency, so we will have to look around a bit for the smooth lines.  The cold will still be a factor, so be sure to dress for it and have all your heating pads ready to insert into the glove pockets.   My fingers were screaming as they thawed out, so I will double up on the hand warmers in the AM.  See you for the first Tram.  Stay Frosty!!!

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