1-12-13 by dave

The snow fall began to wrap up this morning, and the hill was reporting only an inch of accumulation overnight, so the Faithful were tasked with savoring the accumulated coating.   I am taking the day off to let my knees rest and clear off the antenna array.  The snow here at the trailer was so light I was able to clear the array with my air compressor and just blew the Essence from the dishes.   This was an example of ultra Utah Light.  So fluffulecent it fully exemplifies the definition.  If you are asked, you can say this is IT!!!   The traffic will be working the product on the hill, so the bottom features of the past hard pack, that really showed up yesterday,  should be smoothing out a bit, but there is still a solid foundation with which to deal.  Remember that Upper Cirque approach

Tower 4

Tower 4

got stripped the other day, so tread carefully as you pull up the last 40′ or so before the drop.  The Road to Provo and Powder Paradise will also be available today for those who missed the freshness yesterday, so that will be an extravaganza in both areas.   Now comes the cold air, and the peak temp was well below zero, so be sure to dress for the conditions and keep skin covered.  Tomorrow, look for continued clearing, dropping temps., soft snow, and great skiing.  Few hazards remain now, so full commitment to the fall line is Green and good to go.  Here is a shot of the Tram at tower 4 frosted over and bringing the next load of seekers to find heaven!!!   IBBY!!!

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