3-05-18 by dave

The faithful were in full force for the opening bell, looking for the leftovers from this last installment. With the hill getting phat, it was good to go on all of the aspects, as the patrol opened the remaining areas. There was plenty of pressure waiting at the gate, so I took my time and brought up the rear, where I still found plenty of soft snow. The wind seemed to have affected the pack a bit, making it a tad variable, though some aspects did escape much of a hit. After yesterday’s heavy traffic, the worked areas were choppy, but the low moisture content and cold temps. kept the quality soft and very blastable. I was working the smooth lines that I had been scouting last week, but really, most of the heavy interference pattern sections were much smoother. Here is a shot I took from the peak looking West. The light was just perfect and the snow in Baldy Bowl looks tantalizing. Tomorrow, look for the off trail to still be offering soft lines with a fairly smooth substrate. The Groomers will be amazing with the quality of the new product to work with. The hill is in great shape wall to wall right now, and you can explore freely, but still be cautious of some of the traverse sections that might have been worked with the recent traffic. See you there for the shred fest in the AM. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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