3-04-18 by dave

After what seemed like a very long wait for the storm to begin, it came in hard and long, leaving a heaping helping of the righteous Utah Light. Over 20” were reported and the Faithful got an early start to the day. The Patrol did an amazing job of getting the hill open from the opening bell with Mineral Basin opening at 1 PM. The ultra light Essence was totally blower and, as was echoed by many of my inside contacts, was ALL TIME. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting a full Powder Facial in South Chute. I won’t dwell on how great it was, as I stayed at The Trailer to avoid the push. Tomorrow, look for a bit more accumulation overnight, as Lake Effect flurries add to the pack. With the cold temps., the quality will remain excellent, so if you are like me and missed today’s offerings, we will get another shot at the goodness in the AM. The hill is in great shape, and you can now play in the expanse with unmitigated audacity. I have been waiting all season to see such wall to wall excellence. The Bird is back to it’s full featured greatness. Check the report for road access in the AM. See you there for more of the goods and a bit of Sun to make it High Def. Stay Frosty!! P.S. I got another shot from today I thought I would add. This is instructor Mike Hawks coming up for air and a look at the fall line before going DEEP!!!

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