8-19-19 by dave

It is full on Summer and, here in the middle of August, the temps. are flirting with the triple digits. Up on the hill, it is much cooler and perfectly clear. A huge rain event caused some serious mud and rock slides in the Canyon, which took quite a while to get cleared. Here is a shot of some of the mop up efforts after the majority of the material had been removed just below Lisa Falls.

Previously, this pile was over 15′ high with the material that came off the Canyon walls. Yikes.

Oktoberfest is now underway each weekend, and all the activities are in full swing. Mountain Biking is wide open and the folks are really having fun on the single track trail. Here is a shot of Team Mountain Rider getting their very first look at the peak and surrounding vistas. They are in for a treat.

This crew was getting a first hand look at the peak for the very first time. It is adventure time!!

I went on a time travel journey, where I went 2 hours into the future to the beach where I grew up. I watched my life pass before my eyes, and it was such an amazing time contemplating Fractal Time.

York Beach ME. and the Nubble Light as it always has been.

I have returned to the present time now and have been back up on the hill to reorient. The Wild Flowers are going off and full on summer is on, but it will be just a flash and we will be back on the Essence. Stay Frosty!!

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