7-23-19 by dave

Well, we are deep into the Summer with the heat hitting triple digits and the Sun is scorching. Up on the hill the snow still exists up high, but the mountain bike trails are open and folks are having a great time. Here is a cool shot of Brian Beck just beginning to exit this massive powder blast last season. I put this in just to help bring cool thoughts.

Enough to give you and ice cream headache in the heat of the Summer. This is one of the Shots that really speaks to last season.

The Cool Air Concerts have been going off every Saturday Night, with great bands playing for the folks getting out of the heat in the city. I took a Tram to the Peak and got this great shot of Team Olsen Twins who were taking in the vista from the top of the world.

Mr. Olsen, on the left, had never been to Hidden Peak, but used to ski Alta in his younger days and would tour into the Peruvian Gulch before Snowbird was built.

Here is a shot of the fins on the South wall of the lower Canyon. You only get to have this much light on it when the Sun is high in the sky.

These formations have seen a lot of Winters as they have stood over the aeons. Just a snap shot in time.

Get on up to the hill as often as you can and absorb the amazing energy that is resident there. The Concerts will be happening for a bit yet and then they will be getting ready for Oktoberfest. The Bird is truly a year round resort and it is right there in the back yard. Stay Frosty!!

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