5-08-14 by dave

The overnight rain pounded the skin of the Trailer with thunderous intent, which translated to a new installment of Essence on the hill.  There was 8 to 10” of high density product that felt like frosting a cake with a paper knife.  The old layer was only barely in play as the snow cushioned the ride wall to wall.  Areas opened in sequence, giving the faithful another set of lines to work.  Even though the faithful showed up in force, they got spread out quickly and there was little or no wait once the first push got handled.   There were still some snow snakes here and there, but, for the most part, all the lines were good to go.  The Road to Provo was the last to open after Noon, with still soft and silky depth wall to wall.  What a spring bonus for us all.   Here is a shot of the Upper Cirque after I got to the bottom.  Despite the sloughage, the lines were excellent and rocking smooth.   Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be the place to be, since the quality got mighty pasty on the lower half of the hill.  There is another fast moving impulse predicted for the morning hours, so expect some storm riding and visibility issues.  The hill is smooth over all, and the interference patterns are all but gone.   Dress for the weather and get the goods early.  Peace Out!!DSC02112

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  1. Heyatoya says:

    Syrup won’t stop um! You’re killen me Dave. Have fun.

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