5-09-14 by dave

It was 17 Degrees with driving snow on the peak this morning to greet the morning crew.  There was 5 or 6” of fresh high density Essence that covered the dance floor, but with the visibility at Zero Zero it was just a guess as to what to hit first.   I chose to try the milk bottle visibility in Mineral Basin just for grins, and, as I passed the Cat Anchor at the top of White Diamonds, I took a chance on it being Groomed.  My hunch payed off, with that steep pitch offering boot top deep frosting on top of the fresh till.  I made two laps out there before trying the front side of the hill.  There, the depth was a bit less, but the turns were consistent and smooth.  The bottom of the hill was really setting up quickly, and that last 300′ was challenging.   I opted to assess my options and ride the Forklift Chair, but the enthusiasm of the Faithful was pushing them to get the back to back Tram pace going strong.   I did not have the the knees to fight the manky bottom feel, so I headed back to the Trailer to get some chores done before tonight’s conversation with the Andromeda Galactic representatives.  Tomorrow, look for there to be some overnight accumulation as the flow is still out of the West and not done yet.  Be aware that the off trail is very difficult after it has been skied out.  I ventured off the Groomer in the deep fog and found myself struggling to maintain.  It is not hard to lose your way when the vis is that problematic.  Here is a shot of the misty morning trees on my way down the  lower elevations.  I felt like I was in a fantasy sequence as I moved through these trees.  No one around but me.  Stay Frosty!!DSC02114

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