5-07-14 by dave

It seemed a return to Winter this morning, with cold peak temps, intermittent snow, and marginal visibility to greet the morning crew.  I dove into Mineral Basin just to see what I could see, and it was not much at all, thought lower down the hill some Sun was trying to filter through.  On the front side, the groomers were quite crispy, only covered with a slight skiff of grauple on the runs.  The wind had moved it around quite a bit, so there were areas that were just corduroy.  The break was going to come, as the temps in the snow have risen and the freeze is not that tenacious now.  Snow flurries moved through quickly, and the Sun was trying hard to make an appearance, but the clouds hung in all day long.  The conditions were surprisingly good despite the weather, and fast laps were easy to make.  Tomorrow, look for some additional accumulation overnight, but it is uncertain how much to expect.  The hill is in great shape and will support the new installment with the off trail sections fairly smooth though a bit cut up.  Go with the known smooth lines, and, of course, the Groomers will offer the best of the morning runs.  Mineral Basin is still fully fat, and no melt off issues are evident out there.  Dress for the cold, as this system is a slow mover and will have a Winter feel.  Here is a shot of me and Coach Whittingham, who I was honored to have skied with last season.  We discussed the parallels of skiing and football in the fundamental aspects of forward motion.  Thanks for the turns Coach.  Go Utes!!!    Ciao!!DSC01340

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  1. slaag master says:

    great report Dave!!!! took the day off so it is nice to have a pro give a true heads up!!!!

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