2-27-15 by dave

The faithful turned out in force for this long awaited installment of fresh Essence.  Though  the accumulation was  7”, the pressure for the goods was formidable.  I made a fast move on Mineral Basin to let the Tram line work itself out, and went after some of the smooth lines I had logged last week.  The light density of this installment did little in the way of cushioning the old crusty layer, and the crunch was in play in a big way.  The Groomers were very nice until they started to get worked, after which the tiles and piles issues began to be problematic.  The lifts dealt with the crowd with swift execution, leaving little or no lines on the front of the hill.  Visibility was marginal, though there was plenty of definition to work with and the overcast presented no problems.   I did not see a good photo op today, but Neil took this great shot as he passed through the Keyhole on his way back from Alta this morning to make the breakfast session. -100This is a very unusual perspective of the Canyon that you get only by accessing these remote parts of the hill.  Thanks Neil, great shot!!  Tomorrow, look for continued pressure for the new product as well as the usual Saturday crowd.  The Groomers will be providing the best smooth lines of the day, but there are still smooth lines holding up under the new accumulation.  Go with your favorite High North lines for the most consistent feel.  More snow is in the forecast, so there will be plenty for all and the hill is in great shape to handle any amount of goodness.  I will be taking the day off tomorrow to deal with some issues concerning the Andromeda TRANSMISSIONS.  IBBY!!

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