2-28-15 by dave

The main energy of this system is going South of us, but we are still in the unsettled pattern that can bring good things.  There was no overnight accumulation, but the precipitation began early and lasted all day, though the accumulation was minimal.  The Groomers were the best bet as the consistency is still variable, but reports coming back from the hill was touting some excellent lines still to be had on the High North aspects that have been holding the smooth this past week.  Visibility issues were an issue as a cloud bank moved in, but with the clouds comes the snow.   I did not have a shot banked for today’s post so I will submit this unusual shot Jones Malone sent a while back when we had that very high wind event a few weeks ago.  Notice the plasma ball in the middle of the shot.  He sent me numerous shots of this without moving the camera and this anomaly moved all over.  I thought initially that it was lens flair, but with all those shots it would have been consistent.  I think it was a manifestation of the high static charge in the air due to the nuking winds.  -97Tomorrow, look for some overnight accumulation from this impulse that is dusting the Trailer as I write this.  Look to the Groomers for the smoothest lines.  The off trail will be improving as we get more accumulation, but expect some of the chunk and funk of the old layer to still be a feature.  The High North will still be a good call for off trail lines, but I will have to do some recon on those West facing aspects for a read on that.  You know going in that the South aspects will still be interesting.  It will all depend on the depth we receive as to how much to push the line.  See you for the morning festivities.   Syrup won’t stop ‘ EM!!


  1. marie says:

    This pick makes me home sick. I love that campy “it is so damn cold, i hate everything……. but I am so excited to be up here that I do not want to be anywhere else…. and i am miserably cold, but I am content and present” …. feeling. I miss the sunny cold.

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