2-14-13 by dave

Another morning of the stormy front side and sunny backside micro climate rarity was happening, with 4 to 5” of high density Essence covering the hill.  The high density cushioned the ride significantly, which made some of the lines I have been avoiding due to rumble much smoother and luxurious.  What a difference a day makes.  The low attendance made back to back Trams no problem to get, and Mineral Basin had no waiting with bright Sun again for the morning session.  Clouds did build in later in the day, making the visibility a bit challenging from time to time as the clouds moved through.  I did a recon mission to the far reaches of the Exotic Trees where I found moderate interference patterns to be widespread, the choke points are still very tight with trees that have yet to be covered, but the fresh installment went a long way to mitigateDSC01294 those features.  I have not been out that far all season, so I took this opportunity to take a close look.  Here is a shot of perfection waiting for further stabilization.   Tomorrow, look for another great morning, though the traffic should be a bit more brisk as the Holiday weekend begins, so take advantage of the early hours to beat the crowd and get the goods before the traffic gets heavy. The Groomers will be going off once again, so check the report for new and exciting drops to be ready for fun.  It will be a great day, so luxuriate in the goodness.  Ciao!!!

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