2-13-13 by dave

It was another Two World morning with a storm on the front side of the hill, with wind blowing and a light precipitation was falling, while on the Mineral Basin side of the hill, the Sun was shining and illuminating the dance floor for the early risers.  It did not take long for the storm clouds to fill the back bowl and make the visibility back there tricky.  On the front side of the hill the Groomers were covered with the overnight accumulation that just dusted over the mat, making the ride quiet and smooth.  The Smooth was still holding up on Lower Primrose Path after the royal treatment yesterday, as it was covered with several inches of fluff to make that section a real undiscovered treat. While the visibility was a touch problematic, the Big Smooth can be trusted to get you through the sections, with consistent goodness that you can dial in.  It is nice to know that there is smooth when things get a bit vertiginous.  Tomorrow, look for some more light accumulation to happen overnight, with more predicted during the day.  Storm riding is one of the best times to get the goods if you can deal with the uncertainty issues.   Stick with the known smooth lines in the tough times and look for the trees for reference and reflected light.  The off trail is still bouncy and variable, but as we get theseDSC01285 continued small accumulations, lines should be getting a bit more cushion.  Check out the lines from the Tram or Chairs as you go up so you get a better sense of what to expect, though there is not telling until you get there.  Here is a shot today on our way to do a Lewis and Clarke loop to see what was out in the great beyond.  Notice the profusion of ORBS floating around in the middle of the Tunnel.  High vibrations are happening in these higher  elevations.  Nice!!!   See you for the fun on first Tram.  IBBY!!

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  1. marie says:

    i love those days, where one side of the mountain has its own weather system. somehow sneak away from the burbs and have that “secret garden” experience up on the mountain.

    make it home by dinner. (with a little sun on my face and a satisfied smile).

    happy wife, happy life !!

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