2-15-13 by dave

It was a clear and cold morning with awesome Groomers prepared on both sides of the hill.  Lower Primrose Path was buffed out wide and all the  way to the tree line, which is as far left as I have ever seen it.  The new section was a fresh till, which offered dry chalky excellence as it had not been worked over several times.  Mineral Basin was also beautiful, offering bright Sun and nice lines on and off  trail.  Traffic was brisk, but there was no  back up, and I was able to get back to back Trams with no extra push. The Grooming Crew has been really making the big sections consistent and velvet smooth, which is a big plus when you put the hammer down and are blinded by tearing eyes.  You just know it is going to get you there.  Tomorrow, look for a pretty day, more great sliding wall to wall, early morning Groomers to let you throw down big arcers, and nice soft off trail for your exploratories.   Here is a shot of the Powder Bird Ship landing on the Peak.  I never get tired of seeing this flying thing up close and personal.  My day off is tomorrow, so make the turns for me.  See you Sunday!  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!DSC01302



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  1. Bari Levine says:

    Without going into detail let me just put this out there in the universe. Snowbird Ski Patrol is simply great!

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