3-11-15 by dave

There was 10” of Flat Light covering the hill this morning as the day began.  With the high overcast fully in place over the Northern portion of the State, the Sun was not going to be happening, though it did try.  The South wind was pushing hard, with a full face full of wind when you got off the Tram.  The visibility was quite good, but with the flat light, the details of the surface was difficult to discern.  The Groomers were offering the quality consistency that they always provide, so feeling the smooth was the way to deal with the unknown.  It is a lesson in instrument flight rules, and is quite good for your skill development.  Mineral basin was quite nice, with nicely tenderized lines to make those first runs worth the effort to be there.  On the front of the hill, tenderized lines were also available, and a top to bottom full blast assault was easy to hold together.  Here is a shot of the locker room that I took at 8:30AM when this area is usually bustling with energy with the morning crew getting ready for the day. DSC02676 On this morning, with the murky sky, it was uncharacteristically vacant except for yours truly.  It was kind of a Twilight Zone moment and I had to wonder if I was still sleeping,……. but NO!!  Tomorrow, look for precipitation to be part of the mix as the system works into the area more fully.  Those smooth lines from today will be the place to be, as the visibility will be at a premium.  You can trust the Grooming lines, but the off trail will be tricky especially on those sections that got hammered by the Sun.  The West facing aspects are particularly difficult right now.   Today was a lot of fun, with low traffic and a great vibe.   Be there for the morning session.  IBBY!!

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