3-12-15 by dave

There was a fresh taste of Essence gracing the dance floor as the day began, offering from a dusting to a couple inches of accumulation depending on which part of the hill you were measuring.  Mineral Basin seemed to have received the least, however the Groomers were consistent and smooth despite the limited visibility that was associated with the continued snow fall.  The new product seemed to stick to the old layer, making the lines feel quite a bit softer and consistent.  While I stuck to the smooth lines for the most part, I did venture off the beaten path to check out the off trail, where I found the ride much improved, though the interference patterns were a tad problematic for me.  The new snow continued to build up as the day progressed, though just enough to keep the stoke factor high.   Here is a shot of a Sun Dog that was taken by my friend Dave, who caught this anomaly when he was in the right place at the right time.  gFkYeHdHVoVGu7YRlyjxbiUbHcZgWvtmAcMeQG6GFzpAScdCu9BcgCo0KBsMaHF_iz4kRapsuV7DsRVIVVYbKqovXmQVdejc2mDhFZoHMVQ3hNBER-iswKVzF72_d0wBnzKadGpMXmN08Ma0GmqM6YeGTvZsfT1EYEb-selb7DKRfgNPST9ldVaNc-W2hqNSjCUgEThanks for this beauty Dave.  I could not find a good photo op for today due to the visibility.   I had a shot in my camera, but I left it in my locker.  Doh!!  Tomorrow, look for improved weather, awesome Groomers to be available on all sided of the hill, and still light traffic for the morning session.  This new product should get worked into the pack on the machine worked runs, but will not go too far in cushioning the old layer.   As the Sun should be making the day bright,  it will also be working the new snow, so stay ahead of the heat and get to those sensitive aspects first before they get hit by the rays.  See you for the Sunshine day dream.  Stay Frosty!!

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