3-10-15 by dave

There had been a hard freeze overnight and the hill reflected that firmness with the opening bell.  Regulator would have to wait until 3 PM for any kind of break, but to start things off, the Grooming Crew had a fleet of machines out early doing the tenderizing efforts to make the hill ready for the day.   Out in Mineral Basin that fresh till worked wonders, and lapping the Lewis and Clark area paid off with untracked corduroy that asked to be savored.  On the front of the hill,  tenderizing efforts also made the top to bottom pace fast and furious.  Once again, Mark Malu had been prepped nicely, offering the dry chalky lines from the word go.  It took a long time for the hill to warm up the air temps., but the break in the pack was going to take all day.  Here is a shot of one of the surprise lines that had been prepped, which is a very rare line and one I had not seen prepared in some time.  Nice touch guys, loved it.  DSC02673Tomorrow, look for a bit warmer morning as a South wind will be moving out ahead of the next impulse moving along the jet stream.  The freeze should break a bit earlier, so those frozen sections will become more manageable as it gets heated.  Look for those tenderizing efforts to be again deployed, but know that the consistency on those sections is short lived before they get worked over.  Coverage continues to be very good despite the recent warmth, and thanks to that last installment, it went a long way to improving the pack.  You can count on Mark Malu to offer excellent ripping lines early on, but know that it is quite dark there since the time changed.  Here is another  shot in my recent spot survey on trending styles I see on the hill. DSC02674 This example speaks to the somewhat Tropical feel of this early Spring  warm up.  I liked the fanciful pattern, but I dialed in on the Toucan sparking up.   See you for the morning session.  Speed Safely!!!

3 Responses to “HARD FREEZE”

  1. Randy says:

    Love your description of the areas, conditions, very valuable to all those entering this terrain!! Keep your SUNSCREEN on Guard!!

  2. Scott Eastman says:

    Hi Dave! Love your reviews! Please tell my wife and I where Lewis & Clark area is. According to the hill staff, they do not have a run or area with that name. I like it.

  3. dave says:

    The area that I refer to as Lewis and Clark is the entire area accessed by the Baldy Express Chair, as it is an expedition to the far border reaches of the area where few find their way in the first hours of the day. Always fun and can hold some real treasures on certain days.

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