11-21-11 by dave

The patter of rain tapped continually on the skin of the Trailer all night long.  I woke up and fell back to sleep with the knowledge that there would be fresh Essence on the first runs of the morning.  The Monday morning traffic was light, and the turns were silently sweet as those who assembled made their way though the smooth lines.  Off trail, the high traffic of the weekend had worked up some rather abrupt interference patterns where ever there seemed to be an open shot, so I stayed with the tried and true for the morning session.   The Tram was running for work missions, which was a very encouraging sight, along with the rumored reports of a Thursday opening.  Snow making on the upper mountain has been ongoing during the past days, with reports of much improved cover up high.  That is also encouraging.  It was snowing briskly when I left, and there is still the patter of raindrops on the Trailer as I write this, so it seems we are headed in the right direction.   The light traffic on the hill relieved the pressure from the fast movers, making the runs much more relaxed and predictable.  The Snow guns were a bit tricky, as the marginal temps. covered my goggles with mist as I past each one, but the continued application is making those reef sections a non issue.  I could have taken new skis out and they would have been fine, as I have not hit one rock in all these days.  Tomorrow, look for continued fun on the available runs, that may have some additional accumulation on them, and another morning of low traffic.  I really love these early season days, with calm vibrations and the chance to absorb the gift of being here.   See you in the AM.   Peace Out!!

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