11-20-11 by dave

It was snowing when I left The Trailer this morning, which was a surprise, as I thought the storm was over.  There was an inch of fresh on the run that seemed to add more than an inch of fluff to the experience.  I was totally wrong with my prediction of moderate traffic yesterday.  Today was more like what I had in mind.  Walk on chairs, with only fair traffic on the open runs, made it a much more realistic session. I still had to be keenly observant of the uphill traffic at all times, but the serious pressure was reduced markedly.  The off trail has been getting a surprising amount of traffic, with folks charging the obvious features, landing in mine fields.  I guess it has to get packed out sometime or other, so they might as well have at it.  Here is a shot I took of the true nature of the off trail situation. Be sure to click on the image twice and see the real size of the hazards here. They are not insignificant!!! Next time it snows a foot, remember this is the reality of the chosen line.  It will take a lot of snow to make this realistic. but hey it’s your line.  The main runs have very good coverage and I have not hit one rock.   Progress is being made on the Tram as they were doing some testing.  Good sign, though the cover up high is very sketchy from all reports, so even if they get it going soon, we will need some cover to get us up there.  Tomorrow, look for a nice refresh on the groomers, with light traffic and an much more casual pace.  That is a much better situation if you want to


get some vertical in and get the turning more syncopated.  It is tough to get a solid rhythm going when you are worried about up hill traffic.  See you there bright and early.  IBBY!!

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