11-19-11 by dave

The overnight snow alerted the Faithful to be on hand to


get some of  the first freshies of the season.  The groomers were perfectly smooth to start, with nice consistency, but the high traffic in a confined area chopped it up fairly fast.  The off trail is still a mine field with hazards at or just below the snow surface, so it is a roll of the dice right now, so be wary for the next bit until we get some more snow.  The main machine worked runs are nicely covered in all the correct spots.  Sections, that years ago would have been very bony, are trustworthy now.  Thanks to the snow makers.  I worked my way through school making snow back East, so I know how hard it is.  Tomorrow, look for the early runs to be the best, taking advantage of that carpet smoothness.  Yes!!!  I am including a shot of a different type of perfect, which to me is MMMMM  Good!!!  See you there bright and early!!  Ciao!!

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