11-22-11 by dave

The fresh snow of the past few days, combined with the Man Made product, has gelled together to provide the Groomers the best material of the past opening days.  The ride was smooth, consistent, ice free, and prime for arcing the turns I have been dreaming about.  This consistency enabled the runs to resist traffic deterioration.  I was drawn back out for more runs after riding the Forklift Chair before they close breakfast service.  The off trail is continuing to get traffic, compacting the base and exposing the obvious snags.  The only drawback being the abrupt interference patterns that dominate these open areas.  The Snow making efforts continue full force top and bottom.  Here is a shot of the Regulator Narrows with the Big Guns kicking out the cover for that notoriously rasty corner in anticipation of Thursday’s Tram opening.  Reports from the upper mountain are much more encouraging, though it is evident that any sojourns off the main run will be mighty thin.  There were some treads here and there that could be seen from the Chair, but for the most part the lion’s share seems impassable. I will try and get a more detailed evaluation of the upper mountain for tomorrow’s report.  Tomorrow, look for continued smooth riding on the machine worked runs, with low traffic in the morning hours.  The traffic increases a fair bit after 11:00 AM, when the uphill pressure begins to become and issue to be reckoned with.  A sharp eye, and an ear for fast movers will keep you dialed in to the proximity of the fellow participants.  Another sunny day is in store, so be there early for the best of the day.   IBBY!!!

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