3-21-13 by dave


There was and extra special installment of Essence this morning that was high density, but cold, which made the ride extra buoyant.  This was exactly what we needed to mitigate the frozen crust of recent days.  The wind was howling out of the North that moved the product to the South and East exposures, and it was there that the depth was full on.DSC01328 The Cirque was knee deep all the way around, but my very short foray into Wibre Bowl was cut short when I encountered the rasty crust that was resident in the higher entrances, so I bailed for the luxurious depth of the East facing.   The traffic was fairly light overall, and the uphill capacity dealt with the demand nicely.  Everyone was going full out, and it was nice to see the faithful reveling in the Spring Powder.  The clouds cleared off in the afternoon, but the cold temps kept the Sun damage to a minimum.  Here is a shot of Superior as the clouds cleared off, bathing it in Sun.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be refreshed as the new product gets worked into the mat, the off trail still offering the softness, and the day to develop more snow as the next cold front moves in.  Be aware that the West facing did not hold the depth due to the wind, and the crunchy layer is still in play, so go with caution. This is a great time to get the goods and enjoy the vibe of a quick return to Winter in Spring.   See you in the AM!!   IBBY!!

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