3-20-13 by dave


It was raining here at the Trailer this morning as I left for the hill, and the rain turned to snow well up the Canyon.  The freshness was wet and sticky for the early risers, who had a ballroom dance floor on the Tram ready to go. Here is a shot of me and miss Kitty practicing for the Dancing with the Stars extravaganza.  Out on the hill the visibility was marginal, with stout wind, but a nice covering of High Density Essence to stick to the firm surface below.  The Cat Crew had prepared the  dance floor, so the first tracks on the Groomers were very nice indeed, however Regulator was not recommended.  The low angle sections were the sweetest, with the higher angle shots still very thin as the wind seemed to move the fresh off to the trees.  Mineral Basin was given a nod by Buddy and Bunny Skigrin, who ventured into the void, where they found some nice carving all the way around the Lewis and Clark route.  I am glad they made the lap out there as I am still favoring the wing and am reticent about throwing myself willy nilly into the abyss.  As the lines got worked, the piles started to develop, leaving the tiles exposed, which made things a bit more variable.  I made a hasty retreat to the Forklift Chair after two trams to let the later reports come to me.  Tomorrow, look for significant addition to the accumulation, with the prediction of more on the way.  This wet beginning was sticking fairly well, so I think that it will begin to cushion the ride as it gets deeper.  Remember the smooth lines, but with enough DSC01373accumulation even the old gnar will begin to get buffered by the Spackle effect.  Nice.  It is great to get this new installment, and I hope it is the first of a fat cycle.   Syrup won’t stop ‘Em!!!

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