3-22-13 by dave

There was not very much overnight accumulation, but the front that was moving through as the day began promised to remedy that.  The visibility was marginal with the intense snowfall, and the groomers were covered with a nice coating of high density dust that provide very nice arcing, but still let the bottom leak through.  Light traffic made the back to back pace easy to make.   The Big Smooth had been given the treatment, which was good to go for serious ripping.  Mineral Basin was nice as well, and when Powder Paradise opened it offered the goods to those who missed out on yesterday.  The Road to Provo also opened, and with the light turnout, it was nice to be able to relive the old days with unhurried lines that stood up so you could lay down another line next to the one you put down before.  Now that is rare.  The accumulation continued to build, adding depth to the still soft off trail areas that were still delivering the goods.  Impulses kept moving though all day, and the flow is still unsettled.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation, smooth lines on the Groomers, and increased attendance to take advantage of this spring delivery.  The hill is in good shape, even after all the warm weather, so all this new Essence will add to the base building, and snow sport fun.  I am off tomorrow, so I will see you Sunday.  Here is a shot of a gentleman who has my moustache beat by a mile, and he had it flocked with the fresh delivery. Stylin’   Peace Out!!   DSC01229

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