3-23-13 by dave

DSC01388As anticipated, the Great Salty kicked in and continued to deliver the Lake Effect that brings the very best Essence that characterizes the Promise Of The Wasatch.   The Trailer was covered in 5” of ultra light feathers that were lighter than light.  Here is a shot of the trees flocked with the goods.   Up on the hill, it was a powder festival that we dream about.  I missed the fun, but it was full on fun, with most of the mountain opening in rapid succession.  The faithful were in full attendance, with the Tram line backed up, but the High Speed Quads were up to the task and moved things along nicely. The bands of lake effect kept pumping through as  the day progressed, however, glimpses of Sun peaked through, with discernible warming with each glimpse.  The quality remained fluffy, but later in the day the product began to set up a bit.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be off the chart buffed as the new product gets worked into the mat, and perhaps some additional light accumulation.   Most aspects should still be soft, but watch the Sun and get to those direct exposures before the rays set them up.  Coverage is good, and reports from the High North were very enthusiastic, so look there for the best off trail.  It seems the  old crust is only barely in play, so take advantage of this spring Powder extravaganza.  Ciao!!

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