12-29-14 by dave

Snow fell all night long and it continued to fall all day long as today was one of the days that everyone dreams of getting.  Mineral Basin opened up, where very deep and luxurious Essence made the turns feel all floaty and sweet.  The bottom was not as much of a factor as yesterday.  The faithful were in full attendance, but the uphill capacity kept things going, however, with the freshness, the Mineral Basin Express backed up for a while.  High Baldy opened as well, where epic depth and consistency made that area one to write home about.  The conditions are hitting all time quality, with all your favorite lines good to go.  There are still areas that are still closed, but they will be open just as soon as the conditions allow.  All this is waiting in the wings.  That give me something to dream about.  Of course, my dreams have been coming true with this cycle as it demonstrates that you have to watch out for what you wish.  In this case it is very GOOD!!  Here is a shot of the Powder Goddess Altaria blowing the wish into the Materium last week.  Your wish is her command.  -81Tomorrow, look for amazing quality on the Groomers, continued soft snow off trail, and much colder temps as the cold air mass sinks into the area.  There is also heavy East Wind associated with the storm moving East, so some of those exposed aspects may be quite wind affected.  With the clearing skies, you might be able to see the affected areas just by looking at them, but there is no way to really know till you go.  We are full on in the Snow Zone, so be here for the goodness.  Dress for cold!!!!   See you in the AM for the next dance.  Stay Frosty!!

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  1. marie says:

    So that is where snow comes from. A giant brunette puffs it down onto Snowbird.

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