12-30-14 by dave

There was a cold mist hanging in the air this morning, with very cold temps. and clearing skies.  The wind was up, but seemed to be blowing hard on the very high peaks, leaving Hidden Peak only being grazed by the flow.  It was wise to dress for the conditions, with any exposed skin at extreme risk of frost bite.  Here is a shot of a gentleman that was sporting a full on face mask to deal with the elements.  DSC02377 The wind had transported the new snow here and there, with the Groomers being covered with a silken dust that made it feel smooth and soft.  The quasi light of the early morning Sun, mixed with some high clouds, made the visibility very flat, and the details very difficult to discern.  Off trail,  soft lines were everywhere with not much in the way of slab development.  This cold air is preserving the quality of the product, keeping it from going South during the day.  That is what makes this time of the year so special.  Tomorrow, look for continued cold weather with the wind still working the hill.  The Groomers will again be offering stellar quality that will let you slide with unmitigated audacity.  That is a treat that can’t be beat.  Off trail will still be soft, though there is some low amplitude rumble developing with the holiday traffic.  The high traffic areas are building the interference patterns, but the cadence is easy to keep.  The Exotic Trees are becoming more approachable with the new snow pack, and the underlying Gnar well covered for the most part, but do not let your guard down.  See you there for some of the morning laps.  I am bringing out the new skis now, as it is time.  Speed Safely!!

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