12-28-14 by dave

This morning was a bit warmer, with wind and snow causing some very challenging visibility issues all day long.  The front of the hill was offering 6 or 7” of freshness to cover the dance floor, but the bottom was fully in play.  Staying with the know smooth lines helped with the consistency.  Low angle seemed best as the 6% product provided a bit of cushion, but did not fully buffer the crunch.  Out in Mineral Basin, a full on white out was going on, and, of course, I had to see what was going on out there just for fun.  If you could  have seen back there it would have looked like this, but It was all you could do to make out any detail at all.  The Lewis and Clark section was fully knee deep and thereDSC02374was no one around, so we kept lapping that low angle powder bonanza for much of the morning before hitting the Forklift Chair to recoup some equilibrium and compare notes on different aspects that were coming back from seekers who had been far and wide.   Here is a shot of Desmond Trunch, who was sporting this fashion forward one piece suit for the deep conditions. Looks cozy in there.  DSC02376 Seriously heavy snow fall began to dump around Noon that sent the visibility on the front of the hill into the marginal zone, so I bailed on the day at 1:30PM to make my way down a very greasy Canyon.  Tomorrow, look for a Canyon closing to delay the early morning ride up to the hill.  It should be real deep, with snow continuing all day long with possible Lake Effect kicking in.  Be aware of buried features underneath the new snow, but all the lines are looking fat and getting fatter by the day.  I felt I was finally able to throw down a full on fall line assault on some of the lines that I had been hedging on in past days.  It felt great to uncork the power into the fresh accumulation.  This is it!! See you there when I can get up for the full Powder experience.   Syrup won’t stop ‘ EM!!

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