4-04-21 by dave

It was very warm this Easter day, with temps on the peak at 40 Degrees and the base at 41 Degrees to start out the day. Mineral Basin was the place to be, with the South and East aspects already soft and wonderful, featuring White Diamonds and Silver Dipper offering steep, smooth, freshly prepared lines for the early risers. The Lewis and Clark area had frozen and was crispy indeed, however, the smooth grooming made it fast and fun. On the front side of the hill, the warm temps did not overcome the deep freeze in the pack and the North, West, and lower aspects were really firm and needed until Noon to break. Here is a shot of me and the morning crew at the bottom of Lower Primrose Path after dealing with the firmness.

Sliding with the gang, sampling all the aspects during the morning session. Lower Primrose Path was entertaining.

Coverage remains excellent top to bottom. The off trail is extremely challenging and should be avoided. Tomorrow, look for Mineral Basin to, again, be offering the the best start to the day. The residual cold in the North facing aspects will freeze the pack despite warm temps, so give it time, or plan a later start. Look for the Sun lines to soften first, but expect some variation as the pitch changes. See you there for the morning laps. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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