3-28-15 by dave

A beautiful morning greeted the Morning Crew with balmy Temps., smooth lines, and a quick start to the fast laps.  The break was quick to hit the hill, with the Mineral Basin lines good to go from the start.  Those High North lines, while still good, are getting worked by the late afternoon ambient temps, but warm up with the day.  It is still wise to avoid those South, East, and West aspects until that warmth gets things stirred up, but all in all that Spring feel is well established.  Around 1:00 PM a dry front moved through the Front, bringing just the slightest drop in temps., but only had some sparse clouds associated with it’s passage.  With the Spring time looking like it is here to stay, I offer this very unusual shot of the Bookends, taken by Jones Malone last Summer  from an undisclosed location.  It has so many elements going on here that I just had to share such a nice perspective on the hill now covered with snow.  -94Tomorrow, look for another Spring day, though, with the passage of that cold front, the temps. might be a tad cooler to start and the break a bit longer in going off.  Look to the Groomers for the smooth ground pounding lines that have been the hallmark of the morning sessions.  Later in the day, after the break, the hill will be opening up more terrain as the off trail softens up and becomes approachable.   I had a great day off, where I recharged and got a lot done here at the Trailer.  See you for the morning session in the Sun.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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