3-29-15 by dave

Cold temps. overnight set the hill up solid for today’s festivities.  Fresh tills on the front and back of the hill gave tooth and consistency for the first hour before the traffic began to pile up the sugar.  I took the occasion, after the first hour, to visit the Forklift Chair extra early to let softening occur in the back as well as the front of the hill.  After 11:00AM the break began to hit the front of the hill, with Mineral Basin past prime, but during the break back there you could get some righteous sorbet lines on those direct aspects.  The Gad Valley began to break as well, and a Gad 2 lap still needed a bit more time, however, Regulator was just beginning to get the break as well.  Here is a shot of Door #2  that completes the glimps at some of the obscure sections.   The Spring conditions are the perfect time to take time out and get together with friends who have been part of the journey all these years.   DSC02739Here is a great shot of Sully’s Bypass Road extravaganza that is an annual right of Spring.  On this day, the weather more than cooperated, offering perfect temps., great friends, awesome food, and a constant cycling of the personalities as they lapped the Tram.  DSC02741Tomorrow, look far another cool morning to start if this clear air stays in the pattern, and I suspect it will.  The break will again be quick by following the Sun, but you can expect the West faces to take an longer time to be sure. The High North still looks to be offering some nice lines if the performances I saw over there were any indication.  The Groomers in Mineral Basin will be the place to start, but letting things soften is not a bad call either.  Here is a shot of the Master of Ceremonies, holding the Sceptors of Power.   Thanks for holding such an incredible Tradition and keeping the Flame alive.  See you for the morning fun fest.  Peace Out!!DSC02747

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