3-30-15 by dave

The Sun was really cooking today right from the word go, bringing a balmy feel to the peak temps., and a quick break to Mineral Basin.  The White Diamonds- Lower Silver Dipper line had been reworked once again, which offered smooth corduroy that begged to be caressed as opposed to ripped.  That big combination is a real big mountain treat that gets taken for granted as it is lift serviced, but it is as good as any back country high mountain drop anywhere.  The Morning Crew was working the fresh tilled lines out on a Lewis and Clark sojourn, where leaving lacerations in the pack was fun and fast.  Here is a shot of the entire crew with Timp. in the background.  DSC02748The front of the hill broke a bit after Noon, but some lines held off much longer due to aspect.  A Gad 2 lap was a treat indeed with good lines all the way to the bottom of the hill.  Tomorrow, look for another early break as there will be a bit of a freeze overnight with the clear skies. Mineral Basin will be first to go, and will not last long.  The hill continues to hold up well with the high temps., but the ambient temps. are beginning to work down into the pack, drawing off that residual cold that has been keeping the melt from accelerating too much.  Tenderized lines will be worked on all sides of the hill, but it is wise to tread slowly so as not to lose the thread.  See you for the Spring fun and fast laps.    Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!

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